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Copter Exoglass P20 Pro

Copter Exoglass P20 Pro



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Pnr. 22207

Lev.pnr.: 7510EG

Copter Exoglass is made of high quality glass, providing extraordinary protection while retaining perfect screen clarity and touch responsiveness. When it comes to protecting touchscreens, nothing tops the feeling and clearness of glass. Copter Exoglass is made from a special chemically tempered glass and has technical hardness rating compared to steel. Treated with oleophobic coating that prevents fingerprints and makes it easy to clean. The ultimate protection while retaining perfect screen clarity and touch screen responsiveness.
Beregnet på Mobiltelefon
Beskyttelse Knusesikker, ripebestandig
Designet for Huawei P20 Pro
Pakkeinnhold Rengjøringsklut, skjermbeskyttelse, støvfjerningsetikett, forberedelsespute med alkohol
Produktbeskrivelse Copter Exoglass - skjermbeskyttelse
Produktmateriale Herdet glass
Produkttype Skjermbeskyttelse
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