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PNY Fast 3.4A Duo Vegglader u/kabel Silv

PNY Fast 3.4A Duo Vegglader u/kabel Silv
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Lev.pnr.: P-AC-2UF-SEU01-RB

PNY's Fast Dual Charger is the perfect tool for charging two devices at the same time. As people often have one smartphone or one smartphone and one tablet, being able to charge quickly both devices from one outlet with the safe Fast Dual Charger from PNY is essential. With its 2.4A and 1A outputs, with a total possible 3.4A or 17W output, it will charge most devices with speed while being easy to take in a bag on a weekend or business trip.
Fabrikantgaranti 2 års garanti
Lokalisering Eureopa (uten UK)
Produktbeskrivelse PNY Fast Dual Charger strømadapter
Produkttype Strømadapter
Påkrevd nettspenning AC 90-240 V
Strømenhetsdetaljer - 4-pins USB Type A - 2.4 A ¦ - 4-pins USB Type A - 1 A
Type utgangskontakt USB
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