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PNY Family Car Charger 4 Outputs Black

PNY Family Car Charger 4 Outputs Black



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Pnr. 21234

Lev.pnr.: P-DC-4UF-K01-04-RB

Thanks to PNY's Family Car Charger, keep your mobile devices fully charged while in the car and on the go. Simply plug the PNY USB charger into your vehicle's 12 volt power outlet and connect via your device's USB cable for rapid charging. With one port on the main charger and 3 others on its extension you can charge all your family's devices. Thanks to its long cable and its clip to secure the charger on the backseats' pockets it will be easily accessible for the kids on the back seats. This charger is powerful enough to take on tablets, smartphones, e-readers, MP3 players or any other USB powered device.
Fabrikantgaranti 2 års garanti
Produktbeskrivelse PNY The Family Car Charger bilstrømadapter
Produkttype Bilstrømadapter
Påkrevd nettspenning 12 - 24 V
Spenningstilførsel 5 V
Type utgangskontakt USB
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